Ulah Pakar Telematika

I don’t mean to mock mr. Roy Suryo, the self proclaim “pakar telematika”. Nonetheless, I felt quite funny about his latest announcement claiming he found of the long lost lyric of Indonesian national anthem.

Let me quote from detik.com :” Tapi Roy menyatakan kedua menteri itu pasti akan menanyakan soal lagu Indonesia Raya … yang ditemukannya bersama Tim Air Putih.”
Well, he sounded very proud and loud.

Now let me quote again from detik.com, only this time Tim Air Putih make a clear statement, one of it is : “2. Air Putih tidak pernah bekerjasama dan/atau membentuk tim khusus dengan Roy Suryo, terkait dengan penemuan klip Indonesia Raya. Dan ditegaskan pula bahwa Roy Suryo bukanlah anggota Air Putih, dan juga bukan pimpinan Air Putih. 3. Air Putih membenarkan bahwa sejumlah orang termasuk Roy Suryo pernah mengopi dokumen digital berisi sejarah Indonesia, termasuk klip Indonesia Raya.”.

Further, there are lots of readers of detik.com that complain about Roy Suryo’s blunt (read: funny, self appraising) comments. Many of those know that Roy Suryo is making a blunder again. He is very famous in claiming something that is so obviously not true, or claiming unimportant stuff.

Why would you claim to discover something, but it was not really your deed. If it were my students’ finding, I would certainly fail that person for plagiarism.

Well, if you read this mr. Roy, I would just simply say.. “Hi Roy!! Dohh!!”

copy and paste from : http://richworld.wordpress.com/2007/08/06/ulah-roy-suryo-si-pakar-telematika-lagi/


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